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Which Riomax® lick tub formula is best for calving season?  Great question and one we get asked a lot. Regardless of whether you calve in the Fall or Spring, our PG360™ formula is built to be used year-round. Feeding this formula during calving season is beneficial for several reasons:   

1: Fetal Programming Before Calving Season

In a cow’s third trimester of her pregnancy, her nutrient requirements are at their peak.  The calf is growing rapidly, placing increased demands on the mama cow.  Riomax® PG360™ is going to help her meet those requirements and pass that onto the calf.  Calving difficulty typically increases with reduced nutrient intake.  This makes the cow weakerresulting in less activity of the weak calf after birth.  Let Riomax® help improve higher birth weights and calf survival.   

2: Milk Quality For Calves

Recent data from a dairy operation in southwestern Montana proved Riomax® was able to increase the milk fat content in a cow’s milk.  How does this apply to the beef industry?  This translates really well because giving the calf better nutrition right away is also going to give the calf a better chance of a great start in life.   

3: Riomune® Yeast

This is a 5-component yeast, yet just one component in our Nutrizorb® digestive enhancer.  Our Riomune® yeast works to bind up harmful bacteria, which diminishes the chance of disease in the first few weeks of life.   

  • Improved nutrient digestion & milk production 
  • Ties up and flushes out bacteria 
  • Prevents protozoa attachment in the gut 
  • Prevents scours 
  • Enhances immune function 
  • Binds toxins 

4: Great Cow Condition Throughout Calving Season

Calving is stressful.  Help her stay nutritionally strong and be in good condition to provide for that calf by her side.  Using Riomax® PG360™, she will be able to utilize the forages she is fed, which leads to a better chance of a successful breed-up in the next breeding season. 

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