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Digestion Pack

Digestion pack is such a gray area. Riomax® started with zero, no digestion.  In the early 2000’s, we got onto what was called Aspergillus Oryzae.  The brand name is known in the industry as Amaferm®, a great product that has been around since the 1970’s.  We use Amaferm® still today, as one of our many digestion components.  Many other companies use the same product and call it their “digestion pack”.  We call ours Nutrizorb®. It is a multi-component digestion pack, and included in every single Riomax® product.

How is Riomax® Different?

One of our core beliefs at Riomax® is embracing continuous improvement.  We strive to always move the needle to help the rancher.  Some of the ways we do that is to always improve our digestion pack.  We started out with one ingredient, then added some other ingredients like:

  • Yeast
  • Enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics

Today we have nineteen components.  Tomorrow we may have more ingredients as we continue to sharpen the saw to impact digestion.

Can I impact digestion?

Yes, you can by using Riomax® products to help that cow squeeze more out of every single mouthful, every single hour of the day.  Every bale, every acre, every day.  When we squeeze more out of your resources, we help you run more efficiently, a good idea for getting through touch times.


Like a windmill which catches wind to turn it into energy, the Nutrizorb® digestion pack helps take energy out of the forages to pull more nutrients and protein out of your existing forages.


Do you graze cornstalks?  Out on summer pasture?  Maybe you feed hay, graze on stubble or winter pastures.  Whether you have green grass in Florida, short grass in the Nebraska sandhills, or cold climates in Northern Alberta and BC, Nutrizorb® can work for you.

Simply put, where there is forage, Nutrizorb® can help.

Is the Nutrizorb® digestion pack a good fit for me?

We're not going say that this digestion pack will fix all of your problems. But, we have proven on ranches across the country that Riomax® herd health programs can help you increase your efficiency, drive your costs down and improve your performance.  It makes sense in good times, and it is essential in tough times.

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