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Do you struggle to get full utilization out of your pasture? Do your cattle tend to have a favorite corner, and that’s where they stay? Let’s discuss grazing management and ways to strategically bring your cattle to under-utilized sections of your pastures. After all, stretching your pastures results in reduced feed costs for you!

Fully utilize pastures throughout summer 

Is it possible to use every acre of ground that you have, and do it in a manner that will allow your cattle to graze longer? What if you could hold them out on pasture longer, and even add more cattle because you are better-utilizing the grass that you have

It might sound unrealistic at first. But after all, the whole idea behind grazing management is to utilize everything that you have; all of your land assets

By placing your supplement near water to start with, the cattle will become accustomed to the product. As you slowly add tubs along more trails your cattle use, they are more likely to follow those trails and nibble grass as they go. If you continue providing supplements, your cows will have a reason to proceed up to the top of the mountain, or wherever you struggle to utilize your pasture. 

Once they reach these harder-to-reach locations, they’ll be more likely to stay for longer. Plus, they’ll be grazing parts of your pasture that they rarely have before.

Allow your cattle to stay on pasture longer with grazing management

Whether it’s down in the low country or up in the tall peaks, it can be hard to get full use out of your pasture during summer. The two main things that will keep your herd on pasture longer are water and supplement

The Riomax® lick tubs and ComboCubes are very useful tools when trying to pull your cattle into different parts of your pasture and have them stay there. ComboCubes are ideal for pulling cattle to where you want them to go, and tubs will keep them there. Because the Riomax® tubs are highly concentrated with low consumption, the cattle don’t eat them as quickly, which means they don’t run out as fast. 

Often, cattle start migrating back to their usual locations when they run out of tubs or other mineral, so by supplementing a tub that will last longer, you’re enabling your cows to graze longer in under-utilized locations.

If you are looking to get more out of your pastures, it’s important to get your cattle to under-utilized locations in your pasture, instead of leaving them where the grass is lush and easy to reach. 

The more you can use your whole pasture instead of one small part of the pasture, the better return on investment you're going to get. Here at Riomax®, we’d love to help you optimize your existing land base through grazing management and a quality mineral supplement.

Plus, check out our array of packaging options to fit any circumstance you find yourself in, from range cubes to biodegradable lick tubs.

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