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Riomax® packaging options include far more than just a basic 250lb plastic tub.

Why? We believe you should be able to get product to your animals – no matter where you’re at or what the situation is.

The Original: 250 lb Plastic Tub

Hard to beat a classic. This original 250-pound plastic tub is perfect in large areas with lots of cattle. It is shipped and stacked in lots of 8. 


Junior: 125 lb Plastic Tub

Just like the original, but half the size. Junior is easier to haul, and good for slightly smaller herds. This tub is shipped and stacked in lots of 12. 


BioBrix™: 60 lb Biodegradable Brick

The latest and greatest addition to the Riomax® family. The BioBrix™ is about the shape of your cellphone, and probably the easiest to handle out of all our packaging optionsBesides being easier to handle and transport, it is also biodegradable, so it has all the benefits of our Envirotub®. BioBrix are: 

  • Pack-horse friendly 
  • Ideal for large pastures 
  • But also convenient for small groups like calving sheds and sick pens 
  • Perfect for government land; they’re small and don’t stick out 
  • Our most portable option yet 
  • And of course, biodegradable 

BioBrix™ are shipped and stacked in lots of 36, and are available in any of the Riomax® lick tub formulas. 


At the end of the day, we simply want to give you all the tools you need in order to utilize everything you already have. If you have any questions, comments, or even suggestions for new Riomax® packaging options, please reach out! We love helping ranchers, and hope to help you throughout your future.

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