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Building Blocks of Success & Sustainability

Cows will self-regulate on Riomax®
so if the grass is really good, they will eat proportionately less.

Hi. I'm BioBrix™ ... nice to meet you!

"I'm the newest member of the packaging options family here at Riomax®. I love to travel, especially on rough terrain and large pastures. Everyone loves me, I'm very workable; even in challenging situations. I may be new; but I'm ready to work. I look forward to seeing you at your ranch soon!"

Is BioBrix™ a good fit for me?

BioBrix™ is a 60lb biodegradable brick.  We developed this unique 'lick tub' in response to demand for a more portable product offering.  The unique size and shape of this 'brick' allows easy handling and ability to pack into the mountains or hard to reach terrain.

The smaller size (60lbs) makes for easier handling as well as more feeding stations, which is a good fit on very large pastures, government land or where you have small groups or sick pens.

Plus, it's completely biodegradable, which means no empties to chase for you and it's good for the environment.

BioBrix Cutout

Designed for Easy Handling

The BioBrix™ by Riomax®...

Is the newest way to build a nutritional foundation on your ranch.
The BioBrix™ was developed for easy handling, with handholds along
the base as well as it's lighter 60lb weight.

  • Easier to handle for the whole family
  • Easier to transport
  • Totally biodegradable - no empties!

Available in any of the Riomax® lick tub formulas.

Shipped & Stacked in lots of 36.


No plastic empties to chase.


Designed to be easy to transport to rough terrain. 


Ideal for government land such as BLM, Forest Service.


Ideal for distribution on very large pastures. 


Easy to handle and move for the whole family!


Convenient for small groups, calving sheds and sick pens.

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