SO WHAT IS RioBotic® Probiotic Paste?

It's a probiotic paste infused with Riomune® Yeast.

8 Ingredients:

  • Riomune® Yeast
  • Probiotics
  • Electrolytes
  • Vitamins A, D and E
  • Antibodies
  • B Vitamins

Available in 30cc, 80cc or 300cc tubes.

Calf RioBotic Paste

RioBotic® Probiotic Paste by Riomax® helps boost and support immune systems!

It is good for digestive systems, reduces scours, helps keep animals hydrated, and improves overall animal health.

Order Quantities:

  • 30cc Tubes: Order by the case (qty 120) or by the box (qty 12)
  • 80cc Tubes: Order by the case (qty 72) or by the box (qty 6)
  • 300cc Tubes: Order by the case (qty 36) or by the box (qty 6)

Note: RioBotic® Probiotic Paste is only availabe in the United States at this time.  

RioBotic® Probiotic Paste can be used on:

  • Calves at birth (20 cc dose)
  • Calves at weaning/receiving (20 cc dose)
  • Severely Sick Calves (40 cc dose)
  • Beef and Dairy Cattle (40 cc dose)
  • Horses (20 cc dose)
  • Sheep (10 cc dose)
  • Goats (10 cc dose)
  • Animals prone to stress
  • Feedlot Cattle

Customer Review

"If it don’t pay off, I don’t do it. I tell you what, I don’t regret using that Rio paste on every calf born at a week of age at all.  And then turn around and use it again anytime a calf’s got a little bit of scour, coccidiosis, even on the pneumonia deal because usually one follows the other.  He’s not nursing regularly because he isn’t feeling well then he goes and loads up and then he’s got a gut problem.  So we have been doing it for every calf that we treat for anything gets a shot of this paste and we just haven’t had hardly any retreats.  Some calves were pretty sick and I thought we got to see him tomorrow.  We made a point to see him the next day and my son would say we saw him but from a distance because there was no way he was going to let us get within a 100 feet of him.  I am kind of amazed at the results.  Good nutrition is not a replacement for good management but when you are using some good management practices a little boost of nutrition can go a lot further than I thought was possible."

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