At Rio, we realize that we are far from perfect. But I tell you what, we are very driven to resolve issues and fix things that don’t work…So we designed the 125lb. Envirotub® lick tub as a solution to the challenges ranchers were having.

  • 1 It is eight-sided for structural strength.
  • 2 It has a strong ribbed base, making it more robust.
  • 3 It stands only 12” high, making it much harder to tip over.
  • 4 It weighs only 125lb, so it’s a whole lot easier to handle. Perfect for ranch hands, ranch-wives, and kids who are involved with the ranching operation.
NEW Jr Envirotub - biodegradable

Best of All

As volumes increase on this cute little 125 pounder, we have been able to bring the price down! We are passing these savings on to our customers. The 125lb. tubs now cost less! It’s the time to give them a try!

The Envirotub® is part of our overall offer to time-conscious, cost-conscious cattlemen. The Envirotub® lick tub is especially useful for large pastures, mountain terrain, and forested pastures.

Ice Cream Cone Tubs

This barrel is edible and biodegradable, known by ranchers as Envirotubs®, Bio-tubs, Edible tubs…and ice cream cone tubs. Why ice cream cones? Well, when you eat an ice cream cone, you eat the cone along with the ice cream. With the Envirotubs®, the cows eat the tub along with the supplements inside. Simple. Yet not near as messy as an ice cream cone!


How does the Envirotub® help you?  

  • They saves time - you only need to make one trip to put the tubs out
  • They reduces garbage
  • They allow more head per tub with a greater surface area
  • They eliminate those empty lick tubs that always blow away
  • AND they are environmentally friendly!
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