Shipped & Stacked in lots of 15.

Ice Cream Cone Tubs

This barrel is edible and biodegradable, known by ranchers as Envirotubs®, Bio-tubs, Edible tubs…and ice cream cone tubs. Why ice cream cones? Well, when you eat an ice cream cone, you eat the cone along with the ice cream. With the Envirotubs®, the cows eat the tub along with the supplements inside. Simple. Yet not near as messy as an ice cream cone!


How does the Envirotub® help you?  

  • They saves time - you only need to make one trip to put the tubs out
  • They reduces garbage
  • They allow more head per tub with a greater surface area
  • They eliminate those empty lick tubs that always blow away
  • AND they are environmentally friendly!
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