“My name is Amanda Sears. I am from Stephenville, Texas. I have a company where we focus mainly on reproduction in beef cattle. We do embryo transferring and AI. We focus a lot on the nutritional value of our cattle when they're with us; we keep quite a few client cattle on our property. 

So just recently, we had about 20 head of cows at our place. They had calves on side. The breed up rate was phenomenal, and the client was very happy with that, especially since we did the breeding during the hottest time of the year in Texas, which is in August, and one of the biggest challenges is heat. Then once the client took his cattle home and saw the cows that were at home and their calves compared to the cows and calves that were at our place, there was a huge difference. He immediately commented on how much bigger the calves were, how much healthier they looked overall. And then the breed up rate was the added cherry on top

The Riomax® science is really helping me do my job better. Having 100% rumen bypass trace minerals is a huge thing that's very vital in any ET program, flushing program, and AI. It’s a huge thing in bull health as well. So it's a technology that needs to be utilized for whatever kind of breeding you're doing. Any herd needs it, but it's especially helpful when you are trying to do a lot of flushing, a lot of ET work. The more oocytes you can flush and have better results with, you're just driving your numbers up, and that's directly correlated with the absorbency rate of that mineral.” 

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