Bruce Keaster – Belt, Montana

Where did you first hear about Riomax®? 

You know, I was trying to think about how... I had to have read it in an ad somewhere. And I can't even remember the first people that I talked to about it. It has to be five years ago that I started using it. I was a little apprehensive, that's for sure. But obviously, as I've gone on, I've seen the results and done different things to prove that it is working and been happy with it. 

I'd always used a loose mineral before, and I know it isn't just the mineral part of it that is good. It’s convenient, more than me taking mineral out a couple of times a week or handling it. And just some of the results we've had from it... we always used to have a scour deal, and we’ve pretty much eliminated it. Cow condition and I don't know about our weights… we keep moving our calving back later, but our weights always keep staying the same, and we're usually 50 pounds heavier than everybody else in our area. Part of it's genetics, but I'm sure part of it has to do with the cows' condition all the time too. 

I'll talk to people when I see them, and I'll tell them what I know about it and what it's done for different people. Pretty much every person that I know has used it has something that they've improved on. Some people eliminate scours, some people, their conception has really jumped up. It's kind of amazing, like one fellow gets 90% of his calves in the first cycle, and one guy says, our cows came out of summer in the best condition they've ever come out. And I know part of it had to be that [Riomax]. 

Some people wanted to try Riomax®; they used it last winter for the first time because they always had scours. And they were able to eliminate them. They said they hadn't had any scours through all the tough weather we had.

What I found… I send fetuses to a University to be tested. And what Riomax changed for me, it was the first time ever I'd had a mineral that overcame our iron and molybdenum. It tied up everything in our country. And I mean, I've been sending samples in for 30 years and they all came back the same; always short in copper and zinc. And finally one came back where it was adequate. 

When you have those actual university results, just no doubt in your mind that it does work. 

Prior to starting on Riomax we had a different year-round mineral program for a long time. I would guess at least 30 years. And this Riomax® was the first one that ever came back that way.” 

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