Daniel Jesko – Hereford, Texas

“We do Jesko Caprock Ranch, and that's a partnership with me and my brother, and we run cattle both in Texas and New Mexico. So we do have diversified land. We’re based in Hereford, Texas.

We first came across Riomax® when we were looking for a different mineral tub. Actually, we needed protein, because our grass was getting poor and we needed something to bring up the value in what we had to offer to our cattle.

So I was going through the web and came across Rio, and I picked up the phone and called and talked to Loren. He gave me a sales pitch and told me about Rio. What he, more or less, said is, what is it costing you today? And at that time, I really never had a true number. So he told me what it was gonna cost with Rio and so I went home that night and crunched numbers. It was a day or two before I got back with him, and I go, you know, you are gonna save me money if it will do what you say it will. It’ll be a benefit to me… and that’s the reason why I switched. 

Loren is a slow talker, I mean, to me he was a down-to-earth person. You know, he wasn't trying to put them on me, and I like that. So I told him I'd give it a try, and I ordered a truckload. And when I started using it, I was looking for was convenience. And this is very convenient for me to not have to mess with a bunch of bags. It's an all-in-one, it's not gonna blow away, the rain’s not gonna mess with it, it's all-around good. In our area, labor is it's hard to find and we are always looking for something to simplify our work, so the convenience factor kind of plays in there.

As far as results, so we work with the vet; he comes out and does our preg checking, and we were getting better results. We had less open, and we have had some bad years in Texas, it's been dry, we hadn't grown much grass, the grass is poor, and we had to go on the fields that are poor. So in that aspect, I do feel like with what we were having to feed our cattle, we are getting the results like I was hoping. Because we don't have more land, so how do you grow? You have to make more out of what little bit you have.

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