Travis Johnson – St Johns, Arizona

“I'm Travis Johnson. I ranch in Eastern Arizona, with an average elevation of around 6,000 feet. We run around 3,000 mother cows. Stockers, anywhere between 1,000 and 2,500 yearlings. They have more of a brutal environment on our ranges; low precipitation. Keeping the cows scattered is key in being able to impact grazing where you want it impacted, but not overly impacted. It is pretty hard to do.

And the tubs give us that ability to do that. On my particular ranch, I haven't ever been able to get the conception rates on any other supplement that I've fed, that I have been able to get with Rio tubs. My weaning weights have went up. So just flat numbers when I figure it out, even though the Rio tub is a more expensive tub, on a per-day basis it actually costs me less. And my return on investment is 40% - 50% when I figure out the weaning weights, conception rates, and the extra annual cost.

So just financially, I feel like the Rio tub has been a really good asset for my operation.”

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