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You know as well as we do that weaning is a stressful time of year for young calves. How can you help them through it, and prevent sickness along the way?

Why do you need a stress tub?

It’s no secret that calves become stressed during weaning. They are separated from their mothers and must begin to transition into the next stage of their life. Throughout this transition, it is important to create a low-stress environment for those calves. This will decrease their chance of sickness and bolster their chance of success.

The Riomax® stress tub for weaning 

The PG360™ formula is a powerful tool for weaning, receiving, and overall stress. 

Our goal with this weaning tub is to promote healthy, hungry calves up at the bunk. We are pouring the coals into this tub to achieve that goal, which is why we have an array of key ingredients: These include:

  • Digestion stimulators. Our digestion pack, Nutrizorb®, includes prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, fungi-fuel, and yeast. All of these components work together to feed the good bugs in the rumen, which ultimately makes way for the cow’s forage to be better broken down. The end result is forages that last longer because your calves are able to get more mileage out of what they already have. 
  • High levels of vitamins A, D, and E. These are essential to help the calf overcome stress. 
  • Key trace minerals in a highly digestible form. This mineral package, called Esqort®, includes copper, manganese, zinc, and selenium. Having high levels of these fully protected minerals is of all importance. Because these minerals are 100% protected, they have the highest possible chance of reaching the bloodstream, where they can then bolster the calf’s immune system.
  • An array of B vitamins and enzymes which help stimulate the calf’s appetite. 

It all comes back to three main factors. The Riomax® stress tub, PG360™, is designed to 1) feed the good rumen bugs, 2) stimulate the immune system, and 3) bolster appetite. The best part is, you get all this at a very low-cost delivery method.

Make the right mineral choice before it's too late!

We all know there are unwanted side-effects of stressed cows and calves. More sickness, higher death rate, and decreased profit.

Now that you have a clearer idea of which Riomax® products are a fit for weaning, you may be wondering how exactly they can help your calf crop. It's important to feel confident in making the right mineral supplement decision, and be assured that your calves will be able to fight off stress and disease challenges from the inside out.

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