Included in every formula are two key components that set us apart from others.

They are Esqort® and Nutrizorb®.

Rio Nutrition Winning Combination

Esqort® blend of 100% protected trace minerals. A combination of copper, manganese, zinc and selenium.

Nutrizorb®, a multi-component digestive pack, helps cattle absorb far more nutrients than those with just one component. Cows pull more protein out of their feed.

Protein is certainly a needed component in diets throughout the year, we are not here to dispute that fact. What we are saying is that with the IST (Indirect Supplementation Technology™) we do protein…differently.

IST is a fundamentally different approach to the traditional, mainstream direct-fed supplements out there. It is better optimizing or squeezing more out of every mouthful, every acre, every bale, every cow, every day. This is a method that is not generally promoted by mainstream supplement/tub companies.  We don't just feed the cow, we also feed the bugs that feed the cow.

  • IST is disrupting the supplementation industry IN THE FAVOR OF THE RANCHER!
  • IST helps lower your input costs, increase your efficiency and help boost the profitability of your ranching operation.
  • IST is powered by Nutrizorb®
Cows Diet Infographic
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