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3 minute video discussing value add programs

We get it. The ranching industry can be tough, and markets are volatile. Thankfully, there are a few options to help you add dollars to your bottom line. One way is to utilize value-add programs.

You may be wondering, what is a value-added program anyway? And, does Riomax® fit in with value-add programs? Finally, how should you begin to reap the benefits of value-add programs? We’re here to give you a quick answer to these common questions.

What Is A Value-Added Program? 

Quite simply, a value-add program is when you add or take away a specific feature in order to increase the value of your own product. Grass-fed beef is one great, broad example of a value-add program. How does it work? You take away sources of grain to produce a higher value grass-fed beef end product. Specific examples of value-add programs include:

Which Riomax® Products Are Approved For Which Programs? 

Riomax® products are not made with any drugs, ionophores, or urea. 

PG360™, which is our most popular formula, is approved for use on cattle in NHTC, IMI Global, and G.A.P programs as well as Food Alliance Grassfed and is compatible with many, many more. 

Prograss360™ (which is designed for grass-fed programs), will fit all of the programs that PG360™ fits, as well as the AGA certification.

American grassfed association

Where To Begin

The first step is to look into each program, check out their website, give them a call, and determine whether or not they would be a fit for your ranching operation. Riomax® has worked with many of these associations, and they are all wonderful to work with. We’d highly encourage you to reach out today so you can boost profitability on your operation. If you feel you need extra guidance, any of the Riomax® team would be happy to chat!

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