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4 minute video discussing the visual effects of Nutrizorb

You’ve spent your money on a good, sound mineral program for your livestock. Now, how can you be convinced it was worth the investment? And more importantly, how do you know that it’s having positive effects on your herd?

It’s a real concern, especially in challenging times when margins are tight. Here at Riomax, we realize that it can be tough to swallow the upfront price of a high quality cattle mineral. So, what are some things you can look for in your herd to rest assured that your money was well-spent?

With Nutrizorb®, the 19-component Riomax digestion package, there are a few easy things to look for when determining if the supplement is having the right effect on your cattle.

Check The Manure

What does the consistency of your cattle manure look like? The proper consistency of healthy manure is that of a thick pancake batter. It should also have a divot right in the center of the pat. When your cowpats look like this, it’s a sure sign that the cows’ rumen is in good shape and their ration is right on point; your cows are getting the perfect amount of supplement to meet their nutritional needs. 

Another sign that your supplement program is doing what it is supposed to, is when there are fewer ‘leftovers’ within the pat. This confirms that your cattle are digesting their forages well and extracting as many nutrients as they need at their current stage.


Monitor Feed Bunks or Bales

The effects of the Nutrizorb® digestion pack can also show up in your feed. The first thing to look at is your pastures. 

Are you able to keep your cattle out on the pasture longer? Do you start feeding ration later in the fall than you used to? These are a couple key signs that Nutrizorb® is working well. While they may not seem like much at first, the feed savings will add up fast. Whether your herd is out on pasture just a few days longer or a couple weeks longer, the decrease in additional feed or hay that you have to provide will result in savings quickly.

If you rotate pastures the same time as previous years, but you see more forage left behind, it’s a clear sign that your cattle are getting more out of less. Plus, having more forage on the ground means better ground cover and more carbon left on the ground for recycling and enabling good regrowth for the next time you rotate to that pasture. 

How can you see the effects of Nutrizorb® if you use a TMR wagon? One thing that you may notice as you're feeding is that the cattle will start leaving more and more behind. When this starts to happen, ranchers typically start to cut back on the feed until the cattle clean up that bunk completely again. The result? Increased feed savings.

Similarly, if you feed hay, you may start to notice that your bale lasts you longer. It’s all part of Nutrizorb® enabling your cattle to pull more nutrients and protein out of each mouthful they take. The yeast, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, and FungiFuel™ work synergistically to improve forage breakdown and increase nutrient extraction. The end result? Increased TDN (total digestible nutrients) in even the poorest quality forage.

hay with landscape photo

Cattle Appearance

Thirdly, pay close attention to how your cows look; their initial appearance and haircoat. With Nutrizorb®, you may notice that the cattle hold their condition far better further into the fall and winter, even without supplementing any hay. If you do have to supplement hay, cows usually hold their condition with far less hay than what you usually use. 

cows laying down

Another thing to watch is the activity of your cows. You may notice that they start to lay down earlier in the day. It may not seem like anything to think about, but it is actually very important because it means they are saving energy. Even if your cattle lay down 30 minutes earlier each day, that’s an extra 15 hours per month that they are putting their energy towards internal improvement like better digestion and fetal programming, instead of using it to graze.

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What Does Nutrizorb® Look Like On Your Operation?

Keep these tools in your back pocket so the next time you go to the pastures, you can look for them in your own herd. Keep in mind, you may not see all of these effects immediately. As the saying goes, “good things take time”. 

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions about seeing the effects of Nutrizorb in your own herd. There’s nothing that drives us more than hearing from you and doing whatever we can to help increase your profitability.

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