Low Consumption Cattle Mineral Tubs: Do They Work?

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Last updated on October 10th, 2023 at 01:27 pm

One of the first topics to come up when discussing lick tubs is consumption. Even more specifically, ranchers want to know: are my cows getting enough nutrients on a low consumption mineral tub? In other words, do mineral tubs with low consumption work?

Well, let’s take a closer look! While a low consumption tub may make logistical sense, the real concern is, how can you be sure your cattle are getting enough nutrients with low consumption lick tubs? It is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself, because if your cows are not getting the nutrients and minerals they need, I think we both know something needs to change.

(Check out this video on mineral deficiencies and their associated cost).

Highly Concentrated Lick Tubs With Low Consumption

First, just a brief overview of the Riomax® product. Our highly concentrated tubs allow for low consumption (1/8 to a 1/3 of a pound per head per day). Combine high concentration and low consumption, and cost per head per day equals out to a low cost (typically 19 cents to 50 cents). To back this all up, we have CostGuard® - our consumption guarantee. What this means for you is that if consumption goes above 1/3 of a pound, and you’ve used the product according to the user’s guide, we’ll take care of you and compensate the over-consumption.

Do Cattle Get the Nutrients They Need on a Low Consumption Mineral Tub?

To get to the point, yes, your cows are getting all the nutrients they need - even with low consumption lick tubs. Consumption can vary slightly, depending on the environment your cattle are in and the forages they are consuming. On average, though, we see consumption rates around a quarter pound. But how do you know that your cows are gleaning the right amount of nutrients in this small amount of daily intake?

The Science Behind Low Consumption Cattle Mineral Tubs

Besides the fact that our products are highly concentrated, there is another part to the equation.

By using something called IST (indirect supplementation technology), we are working differently with protein and energy. The Nutrizorb® digestion pack, which includes 19 different components of prebiotics, probiotics, fungi-fuel and yeast, enables nutrients to reach the engine of the animal: the rumen. By stimulating the rumen bugs - hyper-activating them - we are essentially “feeding the troops that win the war”.

Furthermore, we are multiplying the fungi in the rumen, which in turn do a better job of breaking down the lignin. As a result, we are extracting more out of less.

Get More out of Your Existing Resources? Yesiree.

You may have heard us talk about extracting more out of every acre, every mouthful, every bale. That is exactly what is happening during this process. By reaching these rumen bugs, we’re essentially enabling them to tear everything apart more thoroughly. As a result, your cattle are actually getting more nutrients than they would with conventional direct-fed products.

So, even though these are low consumption lick tubs,  your cows are getting ample nutrients, just in a different way. Are we saying indirect supplementation technology is better than the direct-fed method? No, but we certainly are saying it is different!

Esqort® Trace Mineral: Ensuring Nutrients Get Into The Blood

The other component in Riomax® that helps cattle to receive enough nutrients (even with low consumption lick tubs) is what we call Esqort®. Esqort® is a trace mineral system engineered to be 100% rumen bypass. This allows trace minerals to get through the harsh environment of the rumen, to the small intestine, and into the bloodstream. This is done using a unique blend of chelated trace minerals and crystal minerals. The main goal here is to ensure that we can get all the nutrients that your cattle need into the blood, where the real magic happens.

High Concentration, Low Consumption Cattle Mineral: Does It Work?

Most other minerals that have chelate packs are made up of only a small percentage of the trace minerals. Whereas, Riomax® uses 100% rumen bypass trace minerals to give it the highest scientific chance of getting into the bloodstream.

That means yet another safeguard to ensure your cows are getting enough nutrients out of a low consumption product.

So, yes. Low consumption mineral tubs absolutely work. And, your cattle are getting everything they need from a low consumption mineral tub, as long as it's of quality.

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