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5 minute video about mineral supplement for yearlings

Are you here looking for a tub that is a fit for yearlings? 

Our top recommendation is the PG360™ lick tub, which is a year-round formula designed to meet the nutritional needs of your yearlings.

But, let’s explain what this yearling tub is and what it means for you. PG360™ is our core, year-round Riomax® formula. How and why will it work on your operation? There are many important points to consider when choosing a mineral program for your yearlings, so let’s dive in!

The Digestive System

It should be fair to say that the digestive system plays one of the biggest roles in an animal. But, how does Riomax impact the digestive system, to optimize your yearlings’ potential? 

With the Nutrizorb® digestion package in the PG360™ tub, the main goal is to optimize the yearling's rumen to help them better digest and utilize the forages they are consuming. We like to say we're ‘feeding the troops that win the war’, which means simply we are stimulating the good bugs in the rumen so they can break down that feed and forage to the best of their ability. 

In terms of results, ranchers oftentimes see between 15% and 30% hay and forage savings, not to mention increased stocking rates and stretched pastures. How? Because your yearlings are able to better-utilize the forages they already have, they consume fewer of them, and your pastures/feed last longer!

Discover how Riomax can pay for itself through increased forage savings!

Yearling Health 

Overall health of your herd is another extremely important topic, in yearlings, as well as every other stage of the cow/calf lifecycle. Our PG360™ barrels include a mineral package called Esqort®. Inside this mineral package are four key trace minerals: copper, zinc, manganese, and selenium. Here’s the best thing about them: they are 100% protected

Very few cattle mineral programs include 100% protected trace minerals, but the reason we do is entirely for you and your herd’s benefit. By including only protected minerals, we're giving them the very best chance to get into your animal’s bloodstream; where they need to go. When minerals get into the blood, they improve the overall immune status of your yearlings, reducing the likelihood of a swath of sicknesses including summer pneumonia, pinkeye, and foot rot.

Your Ranching Profitability

Last, but certainly not least, let’s discuss how utilizing a quality mineral program on your yearlings can impact your bottom line. As aforementioned, Riomax PG360™ will not only increase your stocking rates and hay savings, but also improve your overall herd health. These results add up tremendously on your bottom line. 

Riomax® enables you to better-utilize what you already have (reduced hay/creep feed expenses) and lessens labor costs and vet bills because of less sickness. Often, when you have to put your yearlings on antibiotics, it means they're not gaining and may even be going backwards. As a result, you have more expenses and fewer animals to sell, due to sickness. No rancher wants that, because no doubt, it has a huge impact on your overall profitability.

It's fair to assume that you want the best for your yearlings. In order to help them reach their full potential in terms of weight gain, a quality mineral program is essential. Not only will it help them better-digest their forages and pull more nutrients out of them, it is also the key to nutritional success and disease prevention.

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