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The Riomax® Horse Mineral Formula

Natural Anti-Inflammatory & Painkiller. Boost Hoof Health. Enhance Coat. Fight Rheumatism Pain. Improve Fertility. Combat "Tying-Up". Promote Gut Health. Cultivate more from their grass or hay.



Digestion Pack


Organic selenium


multi-blend essential oil


all natural vitamin e


Trace Minerals (CU, MN, SE, ZN)


omega-3 fatty acids


Recommended consumption is 1/4 - 1/2 pounds per horse per day.

1/4 lb/head/day
1/2 lb/head/day


39 - 93 cents per horse per day.

39 cents/head/day
93 cents/head/day

what do equus360 users have to say?

"I've gotta tell you I think you've got me hooked on this stuff (Equus360). What you guys say about saving hay really isn't a load of crap... I was feeding these horses 30 lb of hay a day and now they're content with just 20 lb. We had a rodeo two weeks ago and you should've seen the way they were bucking, I could hardly believe it! They look fancy and they act happy, it's really working well for us."

"The Equus 360 supplement has allowed the horses to do better on any ration we give them, and it sure as hell saves me a lot of time.

We have an old 15-year-old horse... he looks better than he ever has, and he almost has too much energy. The other day he was getting pretty feisty! I haven't seen him like that in years!"

"...The horse licks are amazing. Our 4-year-old stallion, who is on the licks, has an amazing semen concentration. Last year's concentration averaged 230M/ml. This year in three collections his concentration levels are 863, 505, 808M/ml!"

"My hay is alfalfa and slough grass and the horses are eating the poor quality hay right with the alfalfa. They have never done this. They have no flies on them. I rope every weekend and have had several guys come up and ask what I'm feeding that horse. He looks great and has a shine to him."

"I really should pencil it out now that we've been on the Equus tubs for a while, but before we were spending approximately $28,000 on horse feed a year, now I'm just estimating but we should be down to $18-20,000 this year, and that's with feeding the Riomax lick tubs."

"I have 6 horses on the Equus360 tubs. Less bugs on them after just a few days. Hair coats were way way better after about 10 days. Getting by with less grain than before so they are calmer and aren't so "hot" now that we don't feed so much grain.

Had to race 3 days in a row twice this season with the way things worked out and never was able to do that in the past without horses getting ran down. This year did it twice and they were fine. Give them electrolytes after every race and this year they just weren't tying up like they normally do, just didn't seem like they even needed the electrolytes.

One of the horses we got had the conformation and build for incredible speed but seemed to be fighting ulcers and never had much kick to him and now he is running better than he ever has and I'm not using ulcer medicine on him.

Seems like they use it heavy, but average intake is maybe somewhere around 1/2 lb. Just coming back from the final race of the season... On the weekend I placed 5th in the world championships out of 36 teams, oh yeah and thought you would like to know my team color is orange:)"

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