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A question we often get asked, “What is the difference between Riomax® and other similar brands?” That’s a fair question. Actually, it’s a great question because we would love the opportunity to explain!

Let’s take Vitaferm® for example. They have a great brand. We don’t disagree. We are here to help ranchers make the best decisions for your own ranch and operation. We simply would like to explain our main differences.


Riomax® has 100% rumen by-pass trace mineral technology. It is known as Esqort®, and it includes 100% protected minerals like copper, zinc, manganese and selenium. Vitaferm®, however, has a portion of protected trace minerals, with the balance being sulfates or oxides.

Digestion Package

Riomax® has 19 different digestion components such as yeast, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and FungiFuel™. All of those components form a synergy designed to invigorate digestion allowing us to cut a very wide swath, a very broad spectrum in the industry.

Vitaferm® has the original Amaferm® in it which has been around for several decades. Simply put, it is a single component digestion pack, compared to Riomax’s multi-component pack, Nutrizorb®.

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