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Looming on the horizon of every rancher are questions and concerns as to profitability.  Cattle markets, the supply chain, and a myriad of other factors are pressing in and taking hits on your bottom line. What can be done to avoid these ranching challenges and increase ranch profitability?

At Riomax®, We Have A Goal To Help You Impact Your Economic Model.

In other words, we would love to impact these key factors on your ranch:

  • Minimize expenses
  • Lower input costs
  • Run more efficiently
  • Increase profit per acre
  • Increase overall profitability

Profitability today means sustainability tomorrow.

So what is Riomax®?  Riomax® is a livestock supplement with high concentration and low consumption and a very strong focus on digestion. The key is helping your animals to absorb more nutrients and graze less. Riomax® aids by pulling more protein and energy out of forages, so you can stretch your resources further than ever.

Ranching For Profit.

Now is the time to save hay, conserve resources, and lower input costs. There are many ways a high quality mineral can make these impacts, some of which are listed below:

  • Increased conception rates.
    Ranchers typically see anywhere from a 3%-10% increase in conception rates – and higher conception rates mean more calves, and more calves mean higher profitability.
  • Tighter calving window.
    Every 21 days that you gain from tightening up your breeding equates to approximately 40 pounds more on the calf!
  • Heavier weaning weights.
    10-40 pounds increase on weaning weights is typically what we see with ranchers using the Riomax® program.  This directly impacts your calf-check, come fall.
  • Better optimized land-base.
    Make the most out of what you have – use Riomax® tubs strategically to draw cows out to under-utilized parts of the pasture.
  • More efficiency in terms of utilization of forages.
    With Nutrizorb®, get more out of what you’ve already got by extracting more energy, protein, and nutrients out of every mouthful.
  • More grazing days.
    Increased efficiency means your pastures last longer and you are able to postpone your hay-date.
  • Less hay expenses.
    By getting the most out of what you have, using the Riomax® IST Technology, you can go through less of it. That means less hay, less cake, less of whatever you feed; resulting in less expense.
  • Fewer health challenges/vet bills.
    Feeding a solid mineral program gives your cows and calves far less chance of sickness. Riomax® can reduce the risk of grass tetany, foot rot, summer pneumonia, and other summer pasture problems.

We are passionate about bringing profitability and sustainability back into the ranching industry. By impacting the above factors, you could be one step closer to  making your operation more efficient while optimizing performance.

Improve Ranch Profitability With Value-Add Programs

Furthermore, there may be programs that you can benefit from to increase your profitability. We help ranchers use and understand value-add programs - of which Riomax® is pre-approved. Programs include: GAP, Non Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC). Riomax® has certain formulas that are approved for American Grass-fed Association. By using these value-add programs, you can enjoy a premium to help drive your profitability.

Is Riomax® A Fit For Your Cattle Ranching Operation?

Riomax® is highly concentrated, low consumption, max digestion, and max nutrition.

But we’re not just order-takers. Rather, we partner with ranchers to help drive your success and sustainability, today and tomorrow. We take the time to understand the needs, goals, and challenges specific to your operation.

As we like to quote, “we have two ears and one mouth – and try to use them in that order”. After getting an understanding of your challenges, we will make recommendations aligned with your operation.

Now, we’re not here to say Riomax® is the answer to all the problems and challenges in the ranching industry. But it clearly has shown - on ranches across North America - that as far as impacting profitability, Riomax® absolutely does work.

Helping ranchers take control of the factors that impact profitability is the best thing we can do to set up the people we serve up for success and sustainability, today and tomorrow.

Of course, it goes without saying. If you’re not around tomorrow, where are we going to be?

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