Brad Osadczuk – Jenner, Alberta

“I've had good experiences with it. I'm pretty happy with the product, and I think the guaranteed consumption that you guys offer is peace of mind with respect to costs associated with feeding a cowherd and keeping your costs in check. 

Do you figure it costs any more per day than other products?

No, I don't think so. In most cases, it's less than most products. I've used a few different ones... overconsumption is always an issue with most of those other products. By the tub, they are cheaper. But by the day they’re not

I accidentally did my own cost comparison or a trial on it by accident. My friend and I bought a herd of bred heifers, and it was a large herd of heifers, and he bought the top end off of them, I think he got the better heifers, anyway. He sorted 60 out of 300 off the top, and he fed them in a feedlot, right beside mine, in the same feed bunk. The only difference was I put these mineral tubs in the pen with these heifers. He said, well, you don't have to do that because we've got a balanced ration here and you're just wasting your money by putting expensive tubs in with them. But I said, well, I got them here anyway, so I'll throw them in the pen. 

And then halfway through the winter, I put a couple more in. In the spring, he asked me if he could buy these tubs back from me and I said, well, I suppose. I don't have to haul them home then. Why what's up? He said, well, I bought the top end, I got the first pick on those heifers. And at the end of the winter, your pen of heifers looked considerably better than mine, and they were all fairly equal going in. But you could tell the difference. They just had a little more flesh and a little better hair, and they just did better through the winter. They were drinking the same water at the same rubber tire and were on the same feed bunk with the same ration and the only difference was, mine were on Riomax®. 

What were your results with conception rates?

Everybody knows your conception rates on re-breeding heifers... you can sometimes run into some problems with re-breeding heifers and it all depends on lots of variables. But in the past, I bought pretty big groups, 200-400 head of boughten heifers. I brought them home, calved them out, re-bred them, and sold them as second calvers. I was able to keep my open heifer conception on the re-breeding down to right around 5%. Never more than 5%. 4% - 5% on re-breeding heifers. Either I'm really lucky or it’s good management. I'd like to think it's management, but that I give Riomax® quite a bit of credit for that.”

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